The Chase & District Festival Society was established in 2009 following the great success of Chase’s Centennial Celebrations. With a mandate to support the arts and culture of Chase & surrounding communities, we strive to showcase local talent, artisans, and vendors at our events.


Chairperson: Diana Endean
Secretary: Brock Endean
Treasurer: Gail Maddalozzo
Village of Chase Liaison: Ali Maki
Directors: Sheryl Pentilla, David Lepsoe, Dave Smith, Leila Davis, Joan Anderson, Jennie Wiebe, Sue Bepple


Team Chase

Team Chase was started by a very enthusiastic group of ladies from Chase in March of 2005 to prepare for the first annual Weekend to End Breast Cancer walk in Vancouver. We had 6 walkers and 18 support volunteers who attended the event. We raised over $25,000.00 through various fundraising activities, including a golf tournament, hot dog sales, line dancing performances and our first annual fundraising fashion show. We supported the Weekend to End Breast Cancer event for two years and then began supporting the CIBC Run For The Cure for the past years. During that time we have won the Family & Friends award 7 times for most money raised in that division. Our two major fundraising activities are our annual Pink Ribbon Classic Golf tournament held in May and our fashion show held in the fall. We also are supported by various clubs, organizations and individuals in the community to help us reach the fundraising goal we set each year. .We participate in and volunteer for various activities that take place in Chase as a means of giving back to Chase.

Chase & District Chamber of Commerce

The Chase & District Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to Business, Tourism, and Community. With the support of our invaluable volunteers and membership, the Chamber has been successful in supporting and organizing a multitude of events and programs for its members and community at large.

Music on the Lake Committee

The first Music on the Lake festivities were held in summer of 2017, thanks to the Village of Chase’s contribution to ensure that Chase was part of the live local music scene in the Shuswap. With such positive feedback and attendance, the annual event is a highly anticipated by locals and visitors alike. Featuring a mix of local and travelling musicians, these weekly Tuesday performances in July and August bring together our community to enjoy live music and Little Shuswap Lake.

Chase CornStock Committee

Formed in 2010, the Chase CornStock Committee has worked to promote local talent, artisans, vendors, farmers, and of course, our world famous corn! The structure and look of the event has continued to evolve overtime, as additional events have emerged in the area during the summer months. Regardless of the format, this is definitely the corniest day of the year, featuring corn-themed crafts for kids, the a-MAIZE-ing Corn Cook-off Challenge, and fresh hot-buttered corn!

Chase Country Christmas Committee



Are you part of a local non-profit that provides services or organizes events related to arts and culture? If so, consider becoming a member of the Chase & District Festival Society to better align resources, increase marketing exposure, and share ideas with like minded volunteers.