Vendors are an essential part to our events and we provide discounts for mutli-event registration.

Below are the events/dates for 2019 where vendors will have an opportunity to participate:

Canada Day: July 1

Music on the Lake: July 2, 9, 16, 23, and 30; August 6, 13, 20, and 27

CornStock: August 13 (in conjunction with Music on the Lake)


Canada Day:

Type A ​– Food/Concession Vendors : $75.00

Type B ​– Service Club Food/Concession Vendors : $50.00

Type C ​– Farmer/Crafter/Retail Vendor : $15.00

Type D ​- Service Club (non-vending)/Information Booth : Free

Music on the Lake - Summer Music Series:

Type A​ - Food/Concession Vendors: $30.00 per night or $200.00/9 weeks

Type B ​– Service Club Food/Concession Vendors : $20.00 per night or $130.00/9 weeks

Type C ​- Farmer/Crafter/Retail Vendor : $10.00 per night or $60.00/9 weeks

Type D ​- Service Club (non-vending)/Information Booth: Free


Apply for Canada Day and all 9 weeks of Music on the Lake and receive a discount!

Type A​ - Food/Concession Vendors: $240.00

Type B​ - Food/Concession Vendors: $150.00

Type C ​- Farmer/Crafter/Retail Vendor: $70.00

Applications forms are available here for download and at the Chase & District Chamber of Commerce. 

**Please note, all mobile vendors must have a permit from the Village of Chase.**

A copy of the Village of Chase mobile vendor application form is available here.

A copy of the Village of Chase Fee Schedule is available here. Note there is NO FEE for Village of Chase permits for vendors only participating at community events such as Canada Day, Music on the Lake, and CornStock.

For information about our events or the Village of Chase permits, please email us at